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Servicing Southern York County, PA
Stewartstown, Shrewsbury, New Freedom, Glen Rock, Rinely,
Winterstown, Red Lion & Surrounding Communities

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  Lawn Mowing, Lawn Care, Lawn Treatment
Commercial Lawn Care
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Residential Lawn Mowing

We know lawns. Big or small, we service them all. Whether you need mowing, trimming, seeding, fertilizing, aerating, a special treatment or a combination of the mix, we can help. Our experienced professionals do more than just mow grass. They truly care for lawns.

We are happy to provide photo examples, references and educational information about all of our lawn care and treatment services.

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• Residential Lawn Mowing
• Commercial Lawn Mowing
• Lawn Pesticide Treatments
• Herbicide Treatments
• Lawn Aeration
• Grass Mulching & Vacuuming (Bagging)
• Fertilization
• Lawn Care Packages
• Seasonal Lawn Maintenance
• Driveway & Walkway Edging
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